:China’s peacekeeping engineering unit in Darfur, Sudan completes its first cross-regional construction task

China’s peacekeeping engineering unit in Darfur, Sudan completes its first cross-regional construction task

Khartoum, November 7th (Reporter Ma Yichong) The 16th batch of Chinese peacekeeping engineering units to Darfur, Sudan recently launched the first cross-regional construction task of the year.Successfully completed more than ten project construction tasks including road restoration and living facilities construction in the Kas camp,Smoothly returned to the Nati Ti camp.

The Kas camp is located on the south side of Kas Town, South Darfur, Sudan.It is more than 60 kilometers away from the Natiti camp in Central Darfur.The surrounding armed forces have frequent activities,A large number of refugees gathered nearby.

Zhang Changsheng, staff officer of the command group of the peacekeeping engineering unit, said,Many walls in the Kas camp were damaged,Overgrown with weeds,The outer roads are in disrepair for a long time,The passage of vehicles and equipment is severely blocked,The traffic of the surrounding people and the schooling of students were severely affected.It’s the dry season,Wind and sand raged,The camp personnel are faced with many challenges such as security and supply difficulties.At the same time, it is also facing many security threats such as the severe situation of the new crown epidemic and the approach of unknown persons.

To complete the task,The officers and soldiers overcome the difficulties of local weather, high temperatures, and difficulty in comprehensive after-installation support.Work for nearly 10 hours a day,Dismantle waste facilities in the camp, bury sewage treatment pits, clean up oily soil, sort and bury waste materials, repair roads, and level the ground.

After two weeks of hard work,More than ten engineering construction tasks have all passed the inspection and acceptance of the engineering department of the United Nations and the African Union Joint Mission in Darfur (UNAFIL).The project has greatly improved the friendly defense capabilities and patrol conditions,It also provides convenience for local residents’ travel and farming.

“The tasks you have completed reflect the high quality, high standards, and high efficiency of the Chinese engineers.Thank you for your contribution to peace in Darfur.”Alsadi, an official with the Environment and Water Department of the UNAFIL Military Engineering Office, said.