Business environment,Shenzhen is moving towards world-class

Business environment,Shenzhen is moving towards world-class

Home port for cruise ships in Prince Bay, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.
  Photo by reporter Mao Siqian

September 23, 2020At the BYD headquarters in Shenzhen,Workers assemble new energy vehicles.
  Photo by reporter Mao Siqian

In the central park in the core area of Shenzhen,There is a “smart gym” covering an area of about 800 square meters,Different areas meet different functions of training and testing.
  Photo by reporter Mao Siqian

For Shenzhen,2020 is a year of great significance: looking back on the past,Since its establishment in 1980,Shenzhen has gone through a full 40 years of ups and downs; looking forward to the future,Shenzhen has ushered in a series of new policies, new missions and new opportunities.

The 40th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone held recently,It has sounded the clarion call for Shenzhen to further build a world-class business environment.among them,”Improve the market-oriented allocation system and mechanism of factors”, “Innovation chain industry chain integration development system and mechanism”, “Comprehensively implement the power list, responsibility list, negative list system”, “accelerate the promotion of institutional openness such as rules and standards” and many other requirements,It aims to encourage Shenzhen to build on the existing achievements,Burst out more vitality of reform and opening up.

Shenzhen’s good business environment has always been praised by enterprises.It is also a destination for learning from China’s provinces and cities.Now Shenzhen has increased again,Proposed to create a “market-oriented legalized international business environment”.Around this goal,What breakthroughs will there be?What kind of experience can be provided for the whole country?

Continue the good tradition,Try to upgrade first

With a superior business environment,Shenzhen has become a veritable “capital of entrepreneurship”.Data Display,In 2015,There are 214 commercial entities in Shenzhen.10,000 households; from 2015 to 2020,The average annual growth rate of the total number of commercial entities in Shenzhen has reached more than 20%.The total number of commercial entities increased by more than 1 million in five,Continue to write more “Stories of Spring”,You need to find more ways and try more ways.

The “Shenzhen Implementation Plan for the Pilot Comprehensive Reform of Building a Pilot Demonstration Zone of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics (2020-2025)” (referred to as the “Plan”) has been officially issued.How to deepen reforms, how to expand opening up,How to build a market-oriented legalized international business environment,There is a clearer direction.

In the land system,The “Plan” proposes to entrust the Shenzhen Municipal Government with the approval of the approval of the conversion of agricultural land other than permanent basic farmland that can be authorized by the State Council to construction land; in terms of protecting intellectual property rights,Carry out a new type of intellectual property legal protection pilot program,Improve the protection system of digital intellectual property rights and interests such as Internet information,Explore the establishment and improvement of evidence disclosure, evidence obstruction exclusion and superior evidence rules,Establish a punitive compensation system for intellectual property infringement; in the settlement system,The “Plan” calls for deepening the reform of the household registration system,Adjust and improve the points settlement policy,At the same time, improve the residence permit system,Encourage to expand the scope of public services and improve service standards based on actual conditions,Steadily promote the full coverage of the permanent population of basic public services.

Ren Zhihong, director of the Institute of Finance and Finance of the Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences, told our reporter,After 40 years of development,Shenzhen has become a city with vigorous vitality and important influence on a global scale.At a new historical starting point,Shenzhen builds a pioneering demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Create a market-oriented legalized international business environment,Its significance is not only to promote the development of a city itself,It is an inevitable requirement for socialism with Chinese characteristics to move from an abstract concept to a concrete reality.

“for example,Land is the most important and basic one of many production factors.on the one hand,China’s per capita arable land area is small,Is one of the most stringent land management countries in the world; on the other hand,Shenzhen is also the city with the tightest land resource constraints among major domestic cities.The “Plan” decentralizes relevant land approval matters,Support Shenzhen’s exploration in revitalizing the stock of industrial land and improving the recovery mechanism of idle land use rights, etc.,It not only helps Shenzhen eliminate the basic obstacles that restrict the further optimization of the business environment,It can also explore experience for other large cities in China.”Ren Zhihong said.

Focus on the new economy,Optimize the technological innovation environment

A first-class business environment should match new elements, new kinetic energy, and new business this aspect,This time the “Plan” has a lot of ink.

“Be the first to improve the data property rights system,Explore new mechanisms for the protection and utilization of data property rights” “Full respect for scientific research, technology, and management talents,探索充分体现技术、知识、管理、数据等要素价值的实现形式”“支持实行非竞争性、竞争性‘双轨制’科研经费投入机制”“为符合条件的外籍人员办理R字签证和提供出入境便利”Explore and expand the autonomy of running schools in Shenzhen” “Building an innovation center for the energy industry” . measures to encourage experimentation and exploration,All have opened up space for Shenzhen to further accumulate technological innovation power.

“Currently,Shenzhen already has a relatively complete industrial layout in emerging fields such as 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.The future Shenzhen Pilot Demonstration Zone will not only have the central business district and the financial core district with many tall buildings,There must also be a centralized and contiguous high-end manufacturing cluster, design and processing area.”Tencent founder Ma Huateng said,Aroused widespread concern.

At the 40th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone,Shenzhen’s comprehensive reform pilot program has also received clear recognition and strong support.This time, Shenzhen has been given more autonomy in the reform of important areas and key links through the batch authorization of the list.A package of 27 reform measures and 40 first batch of authorized items were launched.These tangible measures,Make people more confident in Shenzhen’s future development.

Zhong Hui, chairman of Guangdong Huixing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. believes,The “Plan” emphasizes the improvement of the market-oriented allocation system and mechanism of factors, and the improvement of the technological innovation environment system.Will further enhance Shenzhen’s innovation capabilities,The effect of Shenzhen’s innovation spillover will also be stronger.Enterprises hope to take advantage of the opportunity of comprehensive reform pilots,Integrate into the flow of innovative elements throughout the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area,Realize enterprise transformation and upgrading.

Wan Zhe, a visiting researcher at the Chongyang Institute of Finance of Renmin University of China, said in an interview with our reporter,In the new stage of international competition,Data and technological elements will undoubtedly become one of the decisive factors of competitiveness; at the same time,Data and technological elements are emerging elements,Its price evaluation is a new issue globally.therefore,Establish a people-oriented market transaction system with clear property rights as soon as possible,It is the basis for the country to obtain important competitiveness.The “Plan” entrusts Shenzhen with the exploration tasks in terms of data elements and intellectual property rights,Obviously, it will help Shenzhen form new competitiveness in the business environment.

Respond to new changes,Open up and develop globally

On August 6 this year,The Dell Enterprise Solutions Center in Shenzhen Kexing Science Park opened,Aims to provide IT planning and investment services for small businesses,From the back-end to the front-end, we help small businesses complete their digital transformation throughout the entire cycle.

Why is the center located in Shenzhen?Zhu Cheng, manager of Dell Enterprise Solutions Center, said,Shenzhen has more than 2 million SMEs,On the one hand, it fully reflects the strong market vitality of Shenzhen,On the other hand, it also illustrates Shenzhen’s superior business environment.”More than 70% of Shenzhen’s small enterprises have a medium or higher level of digital maturity.And on a national scale,This ratio is 51%.”Zhu Cheng said,Dell will be rooted here for a long time,And to support the development of local enterprises has made a lot of investment.

Since Shenzhen issued New China’s first business license for foreign-invested enterprises in 1981 to today,Shenzhen has established more than 90,000 foreign-invested enterprises in total.Accumulatively absorbed contractual foreign investment nearly 300 billion US dollars.From January to July this year,The city’s actual use of foreign capital is nearly 4.9 billion US dollars,The momentum is unabated.Behind this,With the current gravity of the business environment,It is even more inseparable from expectations for future development prospects.

In fact,The many measures proposed in the “Plan” will further enhance Shenzhen’s internationalization and attractiveness.

In creating a market environment,The “Plan” proposes that on the basis of a unified national market access negative list,Formulate a list of special measures for Shenzhen to relax market access,Relax market access in energy, telecommunications, public utilities, transportation, education and other fields.future,It will further relax restrictions on foreign investment access in frontier technology fields.

In expanding opening up,The “Plan” clarifies the direction of expanding the opening up of the financial and shipping industries.Support qualified domestic enterprises in Shenzhen to go public overseas for financing.Carry out the pilot project of the cross-border fund pool business in the integration of domestic and foreign currencies; support Shenzhen to take the lead in advancing the internationalization of RMB,Promote the improvement of the foreign exchange management system; support qualified foreign financial institutions to initiate the establishment of securities companies and fund management companies in Shenzhen according to law; support qualified foreign institutions to obtain payment business licenses in Shenzhen in accordance with laws and regulations.

Wan Zhe said,Creating a market-oriented legalized international business environment is a comprehensive proposition.Not only need urban governance, government services, and social security,It is even more necessary to relax market access and promote unification of rules.For Shenzhen,Optimizing the business environment does not start from nothing.It means accepting new challenges and taking on new tasks,Better adapt to the transition from “high speed” to “high quality” economic development,To better deal with the test of major changes unseen in a century.

“Shenzhen must take the lead in building a new higher-level open economic system.We look forward to Shenzhen becoming a new source of power and innovation in the world,Become a benchmark city for modern governance,Creating a market-oriented legalized international business environment is the key.”Zhang Yansheng, chief researcher of China International Economic Exchange Center, said,As a pilot demonstration zone and comprehensive reform pilot, Shenzhen,Breakthroughs should be made in the four indicators of companies obtaining financial trust, corporate taxation, cross-border trade, and market exit mechanisms.Create a fair and open market environment,Build a “world brain”.