:Australian research says the new coronavirus can survive on smooth surfaces for up to 28 days

Australian research says the new coronavirus can survive on smooth surfaces for up to 28 days
Original title: Australian study says the new coronavirus can survive on smooth surfaces for up to 28 days

  Canberra, October 12 (Reporter Yue Dongxing Bai Xu) The Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization issued a communiqu on the 12th, saying,Researchers from this institution have found that the new coronavirus can survive on smooth surfaces such as glass (such as mobile phone screens) and stainless steel for up to 28 days.

  The communique said,Researchers have tested the survival time of the new coronavirus on different common material surfaces and at different temperatures.The experiment was conducted in the dark,To eliminate the effects of ultraviolet rays.

  The test result found thatThe new coronavirus has three characteristics: it can survive longer at lower temperatures; compared with porous and complex surfaces (such as cotton),It survives longer on non-porous or smooth surfaces (such as glass, stainless steel, and vinyl); it survives longer on paper banknotes than on plastic banknotes.

  Debbie Eagles, who participated in the research, said,The research found thatWhen the room temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius,The new crown virus is very “stubborn”,Survived 28 days on smooth surfaces such as glass,And “similar experiments against influenza A virus showed thatThe influenza A virus survived on such surfaces for 17 days,This highlights the stubbornness of the new coronavirus.”

  Eagles said,The results of this study show thatThe new coronavirus can survive for a long time on some surfaces,So people need to have good hygiene habits,Such as washing hands frequently and cleaning these surfaces frequently.

  Another researcher Trevor Drew said,These results may help explain the spread of the new coronavirus in some meat processing facilities under low temperature environments.And help people better deal with this risk.

  But the researchers also said thatMore research is needed on the situation that the new coronavirus may exist on the surface of some objects and cause infection.For example, further study the influence of factors such as the degree of human contact with relevant surfaces and the number of viruses required to cause infection.

  This research paper has been published in the international academic journal “Journal of Virology”.